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Dynamic Man


I was asked to give a lecture about building sculptures at the 1000steine-Land 2005 in Berlin. Besides the lecture and the presentation, I prepared a good sculpture as a visual object. I decided to build a humanlike sculpture from many simple geometric shapes (e.g. spheres, cylinders, etc.). By the way, you can read the lecture mentioned above in abridged form as a tutorial here: Tutorial: Sculptures

Planning Stage

In the Beginning, I created the front view of the Dynamic Man with the help of a simple skeleton and transfered it to brickpaper. The side view was much more complicated. I built a model of wire and a 3d computer model, which i could rotade in all directions. As all the angles were fixed, I transfered the side view to brickpaper, too. With the help of both views I could draw the individual brick layers (as described in the tutorial).

Building Stage

Exhibition Pictures

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